I. Background

Why did we develop SurveyCAU?

The idea to develop a new survey app for the social sciences emerged from the realization that none of the already existing apps or tools was completely suitable for our intentions. We had problems – or the wish – to conduct social sciences surveys digitally. We wanted students to be able to develop questionnaires by themselves and to conduct street surveys with them. (You can find more information about the project of research-based teaching (in German only) on the “PerLe-Blog”: http://www.einfachgutelehre.uni-kiel.de/allgemein/blended-learning-methoden/). Thus the requirements of a user-friendly digital application emerged: it should be efficient to use and suitable for teaching in an academic context. After some research we noticed that the range of functions of other tools was either not adequate or that they were not for free. As a consequence the idea and the wish to develop our solution came into being.