III. The project

Cooperation and funding 

In the project planning process we put a special emphasis on using existing know how and working interdisciplinary. Therefore we used the already existing web app 'MappWi' as a basis for further development. MappWi, an app which was designed as a study app to promote e-learning at Kiel university, for example already had an online function implemented. Thus the know how of MappWi was able to be incorporated into the development of SurveyCAU. Furthermore interdisciplinary cooperation made it possible to design a more versatile app and to progress more efficiently in its development.

 Lime Survey (open-source tool for online surveys); MappWi (study app from the institute of informatics); SurveyCAU (new survey tool at Kiel university for academic teaching and research)

The project was funded by the 'PerLe-Fonds' which made the realization of the overall concept possible (PerLe Link). Moreover the project is integrated in the concept of science orientated teaching with service-learning (you can find more information on the teaching Blog of Kiel university).